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WanAni.Me! MixDESU~ – Week 2: Dreamer – 「Tari Tari」 OP (Piano Version)

This week we are featuring the Piano Transcription of the song Dreamer by AiRI, which is the OP song of 「Tari Tari」 . It is transcribed and played by dinhosaurrx, a very active and amazing pianist who has transcribed many anime songs. He has even made the sheet music and MIDI version of this composition and you can download them from his blog. Tari Tari is a highly recommended comedic slice of life anime that would entertain you a lot. The program he is currently using is called Synthesia , the basic pack is free but you can get the Learning Pack (which i highly recommend) for only $39 .

We are accepting video submissions throughout the week via E-mail at If we decide to post video, we’ll make sure to give you special recognition for helping us out ;-) .


Konatsu Miyamoto was rejected to sing with the other members of her chorus club by the teacher because she was missing “something special”. Being her last year in high school, she felt like doing something crazy: She quit. In the place of her former club, Konatsu comes up with the idea to make a new chorus club, inviting the people around her to join. With dreams in each of the member’s hearts, they live out their high school lives.

Source: ANN

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