Wednesday , 1 April 2015

Super Sexy Astraea 1/7 Figure Swimsuits ver. ~ Sora no Otoshmono

Astraea, the voluptuous “Close Combat Angeloid Type Delta” from Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property) is here in gorgeous figure form for you! This time it’s figure maker Alpha Max / SkyTube that represents, presenting us with this sexy, sassy look at Astraea lying on her side in a very skimpy bikini and ice cream cone in hand. A great item for all fans of well endowed bishoujo figures! The figure is pre-painted and ready for display out of the box, at a large 1/7 scale and 8.7 inches long. March 2012 release.

You gotta Pre-order Your’s Now From here!

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