Tuesday , 31 March 2015

Meet RAAdio – The Best Japanese and Anime Music 24/7 | MixDESU~

This is WanAni.Me! bringing you our latest MixDESU~ Now were going to introduce to you RAAdio an online radio dedicated to streaming Japanese and Anime music to the millions of anime fans out there!

Originally called AAradio about a year ago, the online radio was shut down and the original domain was lost. But recently, the online radio was revived as RAAdio and is back you give you the best-quality 24/7 online streams of Japanese and Anime music.

RAAdio is now being powered by the incredibly powerful SAM Broadcaster! For those of you who aren’t quite sure what this is, it’s basically a really good and very expensive radio management suite which opens a lot of options for expanding the station. RAAdio is now being run through SAM and it opens a huge amount of possibilities for the station such as:

– Live DJ Sessions Regularly
– More than one DJ talking in a session
– Skype Interviews and other events
– Live Competitions!
– Anime Weekly News Live
– Loads MORE!

RAAdio recently upgrade the in-site flash media player with a brand new HTML5 Player! This beings a lot of really cool upgrades with it. Below are some of the fixes the new player brings:

  1. No more annoying cut-outs when the radio changes songs.
  2. Higher quality audio! The new HTML5 player provides better playback than the old Flash Player.
  3. Flash is no longer required.
  4. Listen from your iPhone or Android Device! Yes that’s right people. If your smart phone is compatible with HTML5 then you will be able to listen to the radio in high quality right from the website. It even works with the browser minimized!

RAAdio is honestly my favorite online radio for listening to Anime music and I highly recommend that you guys check it out too!

Please visit and like RAAdio Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/aaradiome


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