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KyoAni’s New Original TV Anime “Tamako Market” in January 2013

According to an announcement on the official website, KyoAni’s (Kyoto Animation) will be premiering its next original TV Anime Tamako Market (たまこまーけっと) next year in January 2013.  The official Twitter also revealed the related staff of the series, including K-ON!’s director Naoko Yamada (山田 尚子), series composition Reiko Yoshida (吉田 玲子), and Yukiko Horiguchi (堀口 悠紀子), probably the best known character designer of KyoAni, who also participated in Kokoro Connect and other hot series like Lucky Star.

KyoAni has never failed to disappoint us. From epic series that aired this year like Hyouka and Kokoro Connect. So far no announcements have been made about the plot of the series. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: The Japanese record label Pony Canyon revealed this week that Aya Suzaki (Bakuman., Manyu Hiken-cho, To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness) will play the title heroine Tamako in the Tamako Market television anime. Synopsis has also been added!

Source: Official WebsiteTwitter


Tamako is childhood friends with Mochikura, the son of the neighboring rival mochi shop, but when their fathers meet, they fight like cats and dogs. On her birthday on New Year’s Eve, Mochikura is determined to hand her a birthday present that he had not been able to in past years. Then, suddenly, a splendid bird (parrot) appears in the shopping district, and a year like no previous one is about to begin.

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