Sunday , 29 March 2015


Why did you decided to make a website for WanAnime?

  • One reason is, to spread to our dear anime otaku guest and visitors that you finally found a home to stay and to lurk. As we would love to increase our offers and to spread the popularity of the Japanese Animation.

Who’s our Founder?

  • Wantei – Lolz, that would be me a normal guy who just loves anime!

Who are the Staff?

Does WanAnime! have any other Accounts?

I want to play a Visual Novel! Teach me how I can play!

  • This is a pain, well first of all, I don’t want to teach you way to manually but please make sense on understanding ok? I will only teach you how to play in Windows 7, coz it seems that all the admins are using windows 7. I can’t helped it.
  • You need to change your system locale to play. Go to Start and type Region and Language then click that. Well we’ll do two birds in one stone okay? I will teach you first how you can Add a Japanese Keyboard so you can type in Hiragana & Katakana too. This is great if you want to learn how to read too. First that you are in Region and Language you will see 4 tabs. Go to Keyboard & Languages and click Change Keyboards. Once you click that, A window will pop up. At the right side, Click add and A window will pop up again. Find “Japan” over then then click + . Check Japanese & Microsoft IME then press okay. Now you can type in Japanese. Just go to your taskbar and you will see EN, just go change it to japanese and you can see the type of writing you would like to use. Note: having a japanese keyboard is a must before you can play.
  • There are two types of way to change your System Locale, first is using the software called AppLocale or Officially change your System Locale in Japanese.
  • To change your System Locale, go to Administrative at Region & Language and Click change system locale. Find Japanese(Japan) and click it and press Ok. It will confirm and ask you to restart your PC so do it immediately. You can now freely play a visual novel in your PC.
  • Applocale, the 2nd way. First, we need to download Applocale Utility.
  • 1. Place the AppLocale installer (apploc.msi) in your C: drive.
    2. Go to your start menu, type cmd in the search box.
    3. Hold down crtl+shift and click on cmd.exe.
    4. Select Yes when a dialog asks if you want the program to make chances to your computer.
    5. The command prompt should show C:\Windows\System32.
    6. Type cd\ and press enter to navigate to the C: drive.
    7. Type apploc.msi and press enter, the installer will appear.
    8. Install the application.
  • After installing Applocale, you can now use it. Open AppLocale then click next and Launch Application. You can either install the Visual Novel via Applocale and launch in using applocale, its up you. Click next then you will be choosing the language. Choose “日本語” and press next, you can either create a shortcut so you won’t be able to open applocale again to launch the VN. Click finish and enjoy!

What do you offer in your website?

  • We will be posting Anime Interest in this website, we will be posting stuffs that could only interest your saliva’s. Like Upcoming or current Figma & Nendoroid series, Japan Culture, Places, Events, News from the most popular series, your favorite seiyuu’s, upcoming anime series to spam, time schedule of the anime that are currently airing, and lotsa more that you could imagine!

Does WanAnime have a Facebook or Twitter Account?

  • A fact about this is you need a Flash Player right? Download and Install, such a pain but if you Use Google Chrome which has a built-in Flash Player, that eases our job more don’t you think?

I am watching an anime via media player

  • Did you know that you need some great codecs before you can watch an anime? To suit your tastes guys. We sure will love to share VLC Media Player, K-lite Codec(Download the Mega Pack for the Best Results) & CCCP Codec.

I am downloading animes

  • Well if you are, your okay to download with DDL sites such as Megaupload, Uploading, Fileserve, Hotfile, etc. Using torrent are the most effective way but also the most risky way. Why do we say so? Because everybody can see your IP address when your seeding or downloading. They can see it because torrents are using P2P connections to connect with different computers. This is why Network Intelligents know where are the people located, raid and catch those people who abused. Well most of the time, they are just being caught when the anime is Licensed. Example is here in america, downloading One Piece in torrents is totally risky so you better watch out. DDL is the best for you, if you love those licensed anime.

Is hosting Anime videos & manga scans legal?

  • Well if you are, then stop it already. That’s copyright infringement, I know that even if you use a disclaimer in your website, it won’t work but I think if you let some other sites to rely your videos it might probably work. I actually wanted to do that but ohhh why should I contract with the anime companies? maybe in the future, AOC plans to.

I want to record a line from an anime video

  • I love doing this, and I might want to teach you how but I won’t teach you how to remove the background. You know the software called Audacity right? Its a program for recording purposes. Well for starters, install that and when your ready go for a record be sure that you have enabled your “Stereo Mix”. For windows 7, you can enable it by going to start then type sound and click that one where it is from control panel. You will see 4 tabs over there and go to Recording, you’ll see “Microphone” if it exists though. now right click the white background  and click “Show Disabled Devices”, you can probably see Stereo Mix now right? now right click again and Enable it. Now that we have it, go to Audacity and at the upper left corner, go to Edit then preferences. You will see Playback and Recordings there. The Device on the Recordings should be Stereo Mix and the Channel should be Stereo (2 channels). Well its up to you how many channels though. Press ok now and you can now record. Just play your anime and start your record in audacity.

Torrent Application you recommend?

  • We just love using utorrent. First of all is the size of the application and its very easy to use. Very user friendly, you can locate you files from your Downloads folder as the default.

Any torrent searchers?

  • Totally yes! I use Bit Che, its a great torrent searcher. It searches most of the torrent site that is known around the net. I use this application when I want to watch a Finish Aired anime or even an on-going one and you want to chase the series. You can see also how many peers and seeders are in.

Do you have a list of site for Anime downloads, community,  galleries, blogs, news, etc..?

  • Yes! and actually its on our Facebook Page. You can see everything over there. *actually No, im just lying it doesn’t exist “yet”.*

Do you have any fansubbing softwares?

  • We don’t have but we know some websites that could help you with all the encoding and stuff.
    • eac3to – Command line program which can convert PCM, WAV, DTS-HDMA, True-HD to WAV, FLAC and DTS.
    • x264 – Command line program which encodes in h264. Has 8-bit and 10-bit flavours.
    • Aegisub (official release) – The most widely used program for fansubbing (timing, typesetting, k-timing). Loads video, audio, and subtitles. However, the official release is quite old and outdated.
    • Aegisub (dev r5496) – A dev version of Aegisub which improves on 2.1.8. This one supports 10-bit. How it is not official and is still buggy.
    • Hashmyfiles – Generate CRC32, MD5, and SHA-1 hashes with this program.


  • This FAQ is stolen from …and i restole it from sorreh (”>.<)