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Acchi Kocchi – First Impressions


The serious-minded Tsumiki and the pure-hearted Io feel they never want to be parted, and yet they haven’t fallen in love yet. More than friends but not lovers, they develop an awkward quasi-romance.


Acchi Kocchi (あっちこっち|All Over The Place) starts off with the main male character Io meeting up with his female friend, Tsumiki. It is shown that Tsumiki has a huge crush on  Io, but Io does not realise this.  While walking to school together they meet up with their friends Hime and Mayoi and the jokes start here. Each character has a special trait and the humour just mixes right in.

Tsumiki is by far the most interting character. When she blushes , cat ears appear on her head and she is a pro when t comes to gaming. Think of Io as a mix of Konata (Lucky Star) and Taiga (Toradora).  All the side characters are somewhat common the Pervy male sidekick Sakaki, the “single” teacher, air headed females, nose-bleeding characters, etc. But wait, all of them in a single series? Yep, all the archetypes are included in one single series. What happens when you put them all on one show? Nope its not chaos but its a hell lot of laughter.

The illustration was pretty good and the characters were so entertaining that I couldn’t look away. If you’re looking drama then you’ll be disappointed. But, if you watch this series open-mindedly while looking for perhaps a light-hearted school drama, you’d be impressed at the results. This series definitely appealed to its audience in this first episode and from now on I will eagerly will for Fridays and this show airs on that day!

Opening Theme:

“Acchi de Kocchi de(あっちでこっちで)” by Acchi⇔Kocchi
Ending Theme:

“Te o Gyuushite ne (手をギュしてね)” by Rumi Ookubo


This certainly is by far one of the funniest anime series that i have seen last being the second season of Working!! The idea of pseudo-love really drew me in and the comedy was just hilarious not to mention Hime’s numerous nosebleeds (LoLz). I look forward to watching the coming episodes of this series as I am already addicted to it. I also loved the OP and ED as they matched perfectly with the anime. Al-in-all Acchi Kocchi is a “must watch” for comedy fans out there.

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